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Nurse Helpline and Health Coaching

Nurse Helpline

24-Hour Nurse Helpline

(866) 935-1199

If you have any questions, including about tests you may need, you have an expert resource to turn to - the 1199SEIU 24-Hour Nurse Helpline. Although this service is not a substitute for your doctor’s care, one of our 1199SEIU nurses can answer your questions and give you recommendations based on your personal information. Call (866) 935-1199, any time of the day or night.

Get One-on-One Support from a Health Coach for Chronic Conditions

Take the Call!

If you receive a phone call from an 1199SEIU Health Coach, we encourage you to “Take the call!” It could be the one that saves your life. Our 1199SEIU Wellness Program’s Health Coaching Service regularly reaches out to members at risk for or diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease – two dangerous conditions that affect so many 1199ers. If you receive a phone call from a health coach, it means your health is in jeopardy, and we want to help you manage your condition before it changes or ends your life.

As healthcare workers, we often spend more time caring for others than we do for ourselves. Isn’t it about time we cared as much for ourselves, too? So if a health coach reaches out to you, take the first step and be sure to take the call!